Dr. Whatson Exantus

Dr. Whatson Exantus

Motivational Speaker - Trainer - Medical Team Member

Dr. Whatson Exantus is a world renowned motivational speaker, a trainer, an urologist and a businessman. He's also a best seller author and has changed lives of so many people.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
DS092515 Dream Seminar Haiti 2 Days September 21, 2018
CC190316 French/Creole Conference Call 1 Hours March 8, 2017


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
BA-037 Skill #6: Signing them up 1 hour April 18, 2017
MA-035 Skill #4: Presenting Your Opportunity 1 hour April 4, 2017
MD 5 Skill #1: Make a List Of Your Dreams 1 hour March 14, 2017