Dr. Yvon Elysee

Dr. Yvon Elysee

Motivational Speaker - Trainer

Dr. Yvon Elysee is a top motivational speaker, a trainer, a physician and a businessman. He's also a team builder and helps people stretch their mind to achieve their dreams.


ID Event Name Duration Start Date
DS022616 Dream Seminar Boca Chica 2 Days February 23, 2018
CC190316 French/Creole Conference Call 1 Hours March 8, 2017


ID Course Name Duration Start Date
BA-038 Skill #5: Following Up 1 hour April 11, 2017
MA-045 Skill #2: Finding Prospects 1 hour March 21, 2017
MD 5 Skill #1: Make a List Of Your Dreams 1 hour March 14, 2017

Online Courses

Course Name Course Price Type
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